Brooklyn Historic Properties, LLC is a New York-based company with longstanding local Brooklyn roots, specializing in the acquisition and repositioning of classic older buildings.

We bring a collector's eye to our real estate portfolio and pride ourselves on thinking outside of the typical "condo box."

We focus on properties from the 19th to early-20th centuries; an era when builders erected structures of unequalled craftsmanship and lasting beauty.

Our passion is restoring these grand old buildings from the past 150 years, sparing no expense so they can continue to flourish well into the future.

In a market crowded with mediocrity, corner-cutting, and short-term thinking, Brooklyn Historic Properties has a refreshingly "old-fashioned" way of doing business.

Like our buildings, we are proud throwbacks to a time embodied by the cardinal virtues of integrity, solidity, diligence, and perseverance.

  • We do not “flip” properties.
  • We are not brokers; we buy for only for ourselves.
  • We are not pushy salesmen or money-lenders.

Once we identify a building that suits us, we will cut any deal that suits you. We are definitely not that new breed of real estate developer, buying up beautiful buildings and turning them into faceless condos.


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