At Brooklyn Historic Properties, we are well aware that "historic" never means "easy." We are most keen to purchase buildings which may have fallen into disrepair or disuse. Sometimes, a person or organization might own a building outright, but hardly ever use it, or even be losing money on it through upkeep, maintenance, or repairs. Naturally, we evaluate each property on it's own merits. Generally speaking, though, we are looking to buy buildings with some historic or artistic appeal.

Of special interest are churches, temples, and other houses of worship. Please take a look at our RECENT PROJECTS to see the in-progress restoration work we have done on the old St. Michael's Church at Adelphi St.

We have an excellent core team of craftsmen and we equip them with state-of-the-art tools to preserve, restore, and make new again these wonderful buildings.

Other properties of interest to us include:

  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Retail Buildings
  • Shuttered Plants
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Townhouses
  • Apartment Houses
  • and other residential buildings.

If you are a long-time owner of (or have a specific designated broker for) a high-quality property in Brooklyn, feel free to CLICK HERE. We promise you a stress-free, no-pressure experience.

We are happy to work with you on any issue that may arise. For example, with the strengthening, but still unsure, real estate market, many owners are thinking that now might be the ideal time to cash out. They're ready to sell, but need to continue inhabiting the building for a period of time, possibly even several years. We are willing to work such transactions out, and are glad to custom-tailor a solution to suit your needs.

Even if you have no immediate plans to sell, it never hurts to discuss your options with our friendly staff.

After you CONTACT US, we will be glad to visit the site, and see if it fits our buying criteria.


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